2002 Results

2002 saw our largest group of players yet (20!) and our first out-of-state participant. The scoring system and format remained the same as 2001.

Regular Season Standings

1st Dave Hegge
2nd Lyman Sheats
3rd Mike Vinikor
4th Josh Sharpe
5th John Kosmal
6th Don Coons
7th Jason Werdrick
8th Keith Johnson
9th Tom Knorst
10th Zach Sharpe
11th Pete Melody
12th Chris Defranco
13th Lonnie Mihin
14th Bryan Jozwaik
15th Roger Sharpe
16th Kerry Stair
17th Alysa Parks
18th Greg
19th Deacon
20th Graham West

Final Standings

"A" Division

1st Lyman Sheats
2nd John Kosmal
3rd Josh Sharpe
4th Mike Vinikor

"B" Division

Place Player
1st Zach Sharpe
2nd Tom Knorst
3rd Greg
4th Graham West

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