Chicago Pinball League.


The Chicago league was started in 1998 by Don Coons, Keith Johnson, Greg Dunlap and Lyman F. Sheats Jr. We originally started as a doubles only league at Just For Fun Games in Palatine, Il. We have evolved into a singles league utilizing PAPA scoring at individual collectors homes.



We break up the players into groups of 3 or 4 seeded by total cummulative points (the first session we seed by past results, and new players start at the bottom). You then move up or down groups, based on your point total. Each session we play 5 4 person games on different machines, with points given as follows: 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th (or 7, 4, 1 for a 3 person group). A total of 35 would be the max a player could achieve in a single night, but it's a rare occurrence. Add up the points for a season and that's your rank. At the end of the regular season we split the group into "A" (top 12 players), and "B" (next 12 players). We then have an end of season double elimination tournament to determine final standings. It's a pretty good system and allows you to play against players of similar ability for handicapping purposes. Note: If you miss a session you remain at the same seed you were at for the next session you attend.

New for 2014: The following players will be restricted to A finals only: Raymond Davidson, Andy Bagwell, Keith Johnson, and Jason Werdrick.


League fees are $25 per person for the prize fund, plus an additional $50 for those that cannot host. The prize fund is used for end of year trophies and cash prizes for the top finishers. The hosting money is put in pool and divided equally between those that host to help defer refreshment costs. All monies are paid back 100% at the end of every league.


Pre-playing is NOT allowed. If an individual is absent he/she stays at their current seed for the next session. Absents will be handles as follows: 1st absent 50% of league average, 2nd absent 25% of league average, 3rd absent 0% of league average. Note: that is your league AVERAGE, so the score for your absent session will go up or down based on your future performance. An individual who misses 3 or more league sessions will lose their spot in league for the next season, and be returned to the bottom of the wait list.

Addition for 2017: At the end of the season a players low score will be dropped. Seeding for finals will be based on a players score once this is done.

Groups will be based on seed as follows(not the change as we progress through the season). All seeds will be redone after each session depending on your current point total.
Session Group Seeds
1 1 1-12-13-24
2 2-11-14-23
3 3-10-15-22
4 4-9-16-21
5 5-8-17-20
6 6-7-18-19
2&3 1 1-6-7-12
2 2-5-8-11
3 3-4-9-10
4 13-18-19-24
5 14-17-20-23
6 15-16-21-22
4&5 1 1-4-5-7
2 2-3-6-8
3 9-12-13-16
4 10-11-14-15
5 17-20-21-24
6 18-19-22-23
6 1 1-2-3-4
2 5-6-7-8
3 9-10-11-12
4 13-14-15-16
5 17-18-19-20
6 21-22-23-24

Readjustments of Groups

If players are absent, groups will be adjusted as follows:

  1. If the total number of absent players is not divisable by 4, we will play in 3 person groups for those groups that are effected.
  2. If 2 or more players are absent from the same group then readjustment of the groups will take place based on the following criteria:
    • If the league ends up with an odd number of groups for the evening, the extra group will always be part of the top half for seedings purposes.
    • The league will only look at the sub-section of groups that are impacted. For example in session #3, the league is divided into a top half and bottom half. In this case only the impacted half of the league will be adjusted. If this happened in session #4, the league is then divided into quarters at that point, so it will be remedied by only looking at that quarterly group that's impacted.
    • The league will then move up players one spot at a time until there are no groups with 2 players remaining.

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