1999 Results

1999 was our second season at Just For Fun Games in Palatine, IL. Again we did blind partner seeding the first week with the teams created based on ranking, 1st with 16th, 2nd with 15th, 3rd with 14th, etc.

Regular Season Standings

1 Keith Johnson & Marcello
2 Jason Werdrick & Keith Garner
3 Dave Hegge & Greg Dunlap
4 Roger Sharpe & Rush Luangswun
5 Dan Farris & Tom Roth
6 Josh Sharpe & Zach Sharpe
7 Don Coons & Chris Ray
8 John Zymaczynski & Graham West

Final Standings

1st Josh Sharpe & Zach Sharpe
2nd Keith Johnson & Marcello
3rd Don Coons & Chris Ray
4th Dave Hegge & Greg Dunlap

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