2000 Results

2000 was our first season of singles. It was also the first season where we started playing at individual collector's homes. For scoring, we would play every game at the host site, then rank all of the scores on each game (individually) from highest to lowest. Then we would assign a point value to each score based on the number of players present. (If there were 14 players present, then the person with the highest score on a particular game would receive 14 points, the second highest 13, etc.) We collected a fee every night and paid prize money on a per-night basis. We did not have a playoff at the end of the season.

Final Standings

1st Lyman Sheats
2nd Dave Hegge
3rd Noel Steere
4th Dan Farris
5th Keith Johnson
6th Jason Werdrick
7th Roger Sharpe
8th Mike Vinikor
9th Tom Knorst
10th Don Coons
11th Greg Dunlap
12th Graham West
13th Joel Iott

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