2005 Season

Initial Information

The 2005 season kicked off on Jan 15th, 2005, with a record amount of players this year with 28 total participating. Please welcome our 6 new players: Ken Walker, Brian Shepard, Chris Wamsley, Mike Turack, Steve Perotti, and Chris Edler. Please remember that game selection and order will be done by player choice. For example, in a 4 player group, seed 1 will choose game 1 and will go last, seed 2 will go 3rd, seed 3 will go 2nd and seed 4th will go 1st. We will then rotate game and position, so seed 2 will choose game 2 and go last, etc. This way everybody has a chance to choose at least one game, and go last at least once. It should also reduce bottlenecks on games. In 3 person groups seeds 1 and 2 will choice twice and go last, in 4 person groups seed 1 will have this opportunity.

Initial Groups were based on last season's finish. In case of a tie, the higher ranked player going into the night gets the higher seed. Top 16 players will make end of year tournament.


Date Host
January 15th Keith Johnson
February 12th Tom Terlecky
March 12th Rich Bider
April 16th Rush Luangsuwan
May 21st Mike Vinikour
June 18th Dan Farris
July 23rd (finals) Lyman Sheats

Regular Season Final Standings

Top 16 advance to finals in singles, top 5 in doubles. Congrats to Josh Sharpe for winning the regular season singles and to Lyman/Kerry for doubles. Josh will be recieving a trophy for his regular season win.


Seed Player Point Total
A division
seed 1 Josh Sharpe 146
seed 2 Mike Turack 145
seed 3 Keith Johnson 143
seed 4 Zach Sharpe 139
seed 5 Lyman Sheats 133
seed 6 Jason Werdrick 132
seed 7 Dave Hegge 129
seed 8 Lonnie Mihin 128
B division
seed 1 Brian Shepard 126 (tie breaker)
seed 2 Kerry Stair 126
seed 3 Tom Knorst 122
seed 4 Jason Weibel 120 (tie breaker)
seed 5 Roger Sharpe 120
seed 6 Dan Farris 119
seed 7 Chris Wamsley 117
seed 8 Ken Walker 115
1st Mike Vinikour 114
2nd Rich Bider 113
3rd Don Coons 104
3rd (tie) Bryan Jozwiak 104
5th Alysa Parks 103
6th Tom Terlecky 102
7th Chris Edler 101
8th Rush Luangsuwan 97
9th Steve Perotti 92
10th Deacon 90
11th Cameron Silver 88
12th Pete Melody 84


Team Record PCT GB seed
Lyman and Kerry 126-78 .618 - top seed
Mike T and Lonnie 118-86 .578 8.0 2nd seed
Zach and Tom K 112-92 .549 14.0 3rd seed
Josh and Brian 109-95 .534 17.0 4th seed
Keith and Chris E 107-97 .525 19.0 5th seed
Chris W and Tom T 93-111 .456 33.0 1st alternate
MXV and Ken 92-112 .451 34.0 2nd alternate
Rich and Bryan 85-119 .417 41.0 3rd alternate
Roger and Rush 76-128 .373 50.0 4th alternate

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