2007 Season

Initial Information

The 2007 season kicked off on Jan 20th, 2007.

Game selection and order will be done like last season (player choice). For example, in a 4 player group, seed 1 will choose game 1 and will go last, seed 2 will go 3rd, seed 3 will go 2nd and seed 4th will go 1st. We will then rotate game and position, so seed 2 will choose game 2 and go last, etc. This way everybody has a chance to choose at least one game, and go last at least once. It should also reduce bottlenecks on games. In 3 person groups seeds 1 and 2 will choice twice and go last, in 4 person groups seed 1 will have this opportunity.

Here are the seeds going into the finals. Congratulation to Josh for winning the regular season. The finals are July 21st at Tom Terlecky's house. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are not able to make finals. Ties will be broken with single game play-offs, winner will have then have choice. Order will be given to previous higher ranking. Winner will have choice of order or game.

Top 24 players are in the end of year tournament in A, B and C divisions. As in the past, trophies will be given for regular season champ, and each division champ. Plaques will be given for 2nd and cash for 3rd.

The absent rule remains the same: you are only allowed 2 absents for the year. Pre-playing will once again be at the discretion of the host. Further clarification of absents can be found here

Absents so far: Jason Werdrick 1, Andy Rosa 3, Brain Lamug 1, John Kosmal 2, Josh Sharpe 2, Mike Turack 2, Darren Kamnitzer 1, Steve Perotti 1, Dave Hegge 1, Rush Luanguswan 1, Jason Weibel 2, Cameron Silver 1


Date Host
January 20th Rush Luangsuwan
February 17th Ken Walker
March 17th Keith Johnson
April 14th Tom Terlecky
May 19th Dan Farris
June 16th MXV
July 21st (finals) Tom Terlecky

Regular Season Standings

Seed Player Points
1-A Josh Sharpe 137+22 (80%) 159
2-A Keith Johnson 118+35 153 118
3-A Mike Turack 123+20 (80%) 143
4-A Dave Hegge 86+29+23 138
5-A Zach Sharpe 106+26 132
6-A Tom Knorst 104+23 127
7-A Dan Farris 109+17 126
7-A Brian Shepard 106+20 126
7-A Lonnie Mihin 101+25 126
2-B Darren Kamnitzer 114+8 122
3-B Chris Wamsley 107+14 121
3-B Jason Weibel 89+18+14 121
5-B Rush Luangsuwan 79+23+18 120
6-B Brian Lamug 93+26 119
7-B Chuck Czygrn 99+19 118
8-B Cameron Silver 79+21+17 117
8-B John Kosmal 79+21+17 117
2-C Alysa Parks 101+15 116
3-C Steve Perotti 88+27 115
4-C Dave Walker 95+19 114
4-C MXV 94+20 114
6-C Don Coons 96+17 113
7-C Jason Werdrick 104+8 112
7-C Chris Edler 87+25 112
1st alternate Roger Sharpe 93+14 107
2nd alternate Bryan Jozwiak 89+17 106
2nd alternate Tom Terlecky 87+19 106
4th alternate Pete Melody 81+21 102
5th alternate Rich Bider 77+23 100
6th alternate Dan Garrett 87+11 98
7th alternate Ken Walker 79+17 96
8th alternate Andy Rosa 77+5+4 86

Final Standings

Division Place Player
A 1st Josh Sharpe
2nd Keith Johnson
3rd Mike Turack
B 1st Darren Kamnitzer
2nd John Kosmal
3rd Chuck Czygrn
C 1st Jason Werdrick
2nd Alysa Parks
3rd Don Coons

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