2024 Season

Initial Information

The 2024 season will kick off on January 13th, 2024.

Game selection and order will be done like last season (player choice). For example, in a 4 player group, the highest seed will choose game 1 and will go last, 2nd highest seed will go 3rd, 3rd highest seed will go 2nd and 4th highestwill go 1st. We will then rotate game and position, so 2nd highest will choose game 2 and go last, etc. This way everybody has a chance to choose at least one game, and go last at least once. It should also reduce bottlenecks on games. In 3 person groups the two top will choice twice and go last, in 4 person groups only the top seed will have this opportunity.

We are going up to 28 players for the year. Fees will be $25 if hosting, $75 if not hosting. The $1 IFPA fee is still in place for those that want to be ranked.

Here are the initial seeds going into the 1st week. New players have been initially seeded based on known abilities. Returning players have been seeded at their last level when they left league. Please welcome new players Steve Bowden, Lily Piazza, Rhonda Wamsley, Michael Grant, And Kyle Spiteri and returning players Glen Krause and Chris Wamsley

All players make the end of year tournament 1-14 in A, 15-28 in B. As in the past, trophies will be given for each division champ. Plaques will be given for 2nd, and cash for 3rd.

Partial points will once again be awarded for absents, but this time on a sliding scale. A complete rules summary can be seen here with groups (based on your current seed) can be seen here:


Date Host
January 27th -reschedule Mark/Erin
February 24th Dale Smola
March 23rd Yancy Blaylock
April 27th Keefer
May 25th Jay Brand
June 15th Andy Bagwell
July 13th (finals) John Pederson

Initial seeds

seed Player
1 Raymond Davidson
2 Yancy Blaylock
3 Andy Bagwell
4 Steve Bowden
5 Joe Katz
6 Glen Krause
7 Vince Giovannone
8 Keith Johnson
9 Penni Epstein
10 Ken Walker
11 Chris Wamsley
12 Jason Werdrick
13 Don Coons
14 Mark Seiden
15 Tom Knorst
16 MXV
17 Bryan Jozwiak
18 Lily Piazza
19 Roger Sharpe
20 Ehren Bilhausen
21 Jim Shird
22 Jay Brand
23 Erin Seiden
24 Kyle Spiteri
25 Michael Grant
26 John Pederson
27 Dale Smola
28 Rhonda Wamsley

* designates IFPA rated player

current standings
Finals results